TILT is the sum of a shared passion for interior design, reuse and love for decorating.
Vintage, Industrial and Art Deco living products fascinate us by the quality and beautiful designs. It is surprising, if you combine them or combine them with new items, how beautiful they reinforce each other.
Fantastic if enjoyed again!

'I devour home magazines, enjoy beautiful things, but it does not have to be that serious.
I love surprising combinations of old and new. You create a new contemporary style with a warm,
personal atmosphere that is never predictable or boring '.

'With my background as an architect, I constantly look at the influence of forms on the environment.
A beautiful, original object definitely adds something to the character of your home, studio or office.

Search and find
We are continuously looking for beautiful furniture, lamps, vases etc. It is an addiction to discover new interesting items. We really do find special finds everywhere. We believe in quality and affordability and do everything for it. We are very curious what you think of our collection.
Let us know by
Facebook or mail.

Selling to TILT?
If you have a nice item that will fit in our collection, you can always let us know. Feel free to send a photo with description by mail.

Care of the environment
In line with our mission, sustainability and reuse also come first in our own activities.
We ship all our products in recycled cardboard boxes. To make this possible we work together with companies from Eindhoven.

Tips? To wish? Ask?
We like to hear and answer them. You can always contact us. You can also find us on Facebook
Of course you can leave a message there.


Have fun!
Roel en Marion