Craquelé Art Deco vaas Auguste Mouzin AMC

€ 85,00

Hoogte: 28 cm.
Ø: 16 cm.
Gemerkt aan onderzijde:
"A.M.C. F-22".
A.M.C. staat voor: Auguste Mouzin & Cie.
Herkomst: België (Wasmuel), jaren '30.
Materiaal: keramiek.

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Around 1840 Isidore Paulus starts a little pottery

in Waasmuel Belgium. When he dies in 1852 his
wife and their 2 sons Adolphe and Lucien continue
his work but in 1867 they hire their Waasmuel factory
out to Auguste Mouzin. Auguste was the second
son of Pierre Mouzin, the owner of the famous
Nimy-potteries, who had been a successful director
at the Boch Keramis factory in La Louvière.
Auguste gives his name to the factory Auguste Mouzin
et Cie, shortened to A.M.C. After his death his son in
law Eugene Meyer gets in charge and he changes
the name in S.A. Faïences de Wasmuel. He will use
the A.M.C. hallmarks until 1920, next to his own
mark: the MW-logo. The factory closed in 1951.


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